Unspoiled Gems of the Mediterranean

Hidden Gem Holiday Destinations

Separating Europe from Africa and extending from the West of the Atlantic to Asia on its east, the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular European territories when it comes to tourist destinations. This intercontinental sea harbors numerous islands, including the most popular ones such as Ibiza, Santorini, Majorca and Mykonos, all of which are known and visited by tourists around the world. But, what about all of those underappreciated islands that you don’t hear as much about? Luckily, the beauty of Mediterranean is not something that is unique to the most popular destinations. And through this article we’ll introduce you to some of the wonderful Mediterranean islands that you don’t hear as much about. <

Kastellorizo Island (Greece)

Kastellorizo Island Greece

Kastellorizo or Castellorizo is situated in southeastern Mediterranean, just about 2 kilometers from the south coast of Turkey. This relatively small island, close to 12 square kilometers, is a home to only one settlement on the island called Chora. Chora is characterized by classic Mediterranean architecture with narrow and quiet streets, houses painted with warm bright colors, welcoming harbors and lively cafe’s. Some of its cultural attractions include the Megisti Museum, the Archaeological Museum, and the Knights of Saint John Castle Museum. Although Kastellorizo doesn’t have its own beach, its waters have been proven attractive for those who enjoy in snorkeling and diving. Cinema buffs will be pleased to know that 1991. cult classic “Mediterraneo” was filmed here. All this makes Kastellorizo an amazing destination for those of you who are on a lookout for a quiet and peaceful place, and just want to enjoy pleasant Mediterranean sun and nature.

Malta Island (Malta)

Malta Island
Often called “a microcosm of the Mediterranean” this island is a fantastic and unique place to visit, mostly due to the exotic mixture of European, North African and Arabic cultural influences. The island boasts some of the best scenic sandy and rocky beaches for sunbathing and swimming, not only in Malta – but in whole Europe. It is also one of the most pleasant tour destinations in the Mediterranean, thanks to its fairly warm and shiny climate, held almost throughout the whole year. As expected, island is also blessed with plenty of historic attractions and provides visitors plenty of opportunities for exploring cultural vestiges during their stay. Be sure to visit the popular historic towns of Birgu, Isla, Bormla and Valletta. Due to plethora of beaches on Malta, outdoor activities are mostly connected to beaches such as fishing, boat trips, snorkeling and beach camping. Which in itself is a great reason to visit this amazing place on Earth.

Pantelleria Island (Italy)

Pantelleria Island Italy
Pantelleria is a wonderful Italian island located in Sicily, offshore of the Mediterranean Sea. The island is another great but less known tourist destination with lots of gems and treasures to discover. Despite the fact that the island doesn’t offer much when it comes to beaches, there are lots of other things to see and do on Pantelleria, from diving, to boat excursions, hiking and snorkeling. Some of the most unique unspoiled gems of the island are so called “the Dammusi lava rock houses”, which are historic structures characterized with circular shape and whitewashed walls. These structures in the past have had many different functions, but today are mostly decorative in nature and present an adorable sightseeing experience. There are also various historic sites such as the Bronze Age monuments of Sesi on the island’s west coast, near Mursia. Thanks to its remote and exotic ambiance, the island has also been a host for some of the most popular celebrities, including Sting, Giorgio Armani and Madonna.

Formentera Island (Spain)

Formentera Island Spain
Formentera is a small and secluded island, part of Spain’s Balearic island group. This often overlooked island offers some of the most amazing, yet peaceful, beaches in Spain. From amazing white sand beaches like the Migjorn beach, Illetes and Llevant to the mesmerizing views of the crystal clear waters at Platja Migjorn. For knowledge seeking visitors the main attraction on the island include Trumpton town hall, beautiful and traditionally designed streets and historical fortress-church. Formentera presents perfect contrast to its widely popular neighbor island Ibiza. It is a place for people who know how to appreciate wonderful nature, fantastic local traditional cuisine and unspoiled beaches.

Vis Island (Croatia)

Vis Island Croatia
Vis is a fairly small island located on Croatia’s coast with Adriatic Sea. Often referred to as “the most mysterious Croatian island” due to now abandoned military base. It’s enough to tickle anyone with rich and vivid imagination. Lush and pristine nature of Vis is one of its strongest attributes. With shore almost 80 kilometers long – Vis is rich with beaches. Both rocky and sandy, especially in the bay of Komiza. Since beaches are plenty, you can choose whether you’d like to find some secluded place and enjoy in the sun by yourself, or go to those that are more frequented. Some of the popular beaches on Vis include Vrtalac, Milna, Storo posta, Brgujac, Parja and Zaglav. The island also provides a wide range of attractions and activities to do, all woven with traditional hospitality. Anything from sailing around the island, cave exploration, hiking or simply enjoying local cuisine, it can be found here. Since it is a bit remote from mainland, it is accessible only by local yacht charter services and ferry rides.

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