The Top 5 Must Visit Cities in Asia

If you are planning to visit Asia, there are some cities you must make an effort to sojourn in. Whether you prefer futuristic cities with cutting-edge technology and shiny skyscrapers or the more traditional ones rich in history and heritage, Asian cities serve up a memorable experience. While there are hundreds of cities worth mentioning on this list, we shall focus on the top 5 you MUST witness first-hand:


There are fewer cities cleaner than Singapore which is the capital of, you guessed it! Singapore. Chewing gum, leave alone spitting it out on the curb attracts heavy fines. Annoying behaviors that people get away with in other major cities in the world such as jaywalking, public smoking, spitting in public and littering are illegal. The top attractions include the 150-year-old Botanic gardens, the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, and the Sentosa Island. Singapore features great cultural diversity and a wide variety of food. There are numerous exotic restaurants and the fact that it is close to the equator means it is an ideal place to visit throughout the year.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is arguably the most cosmopolitan city in Asia. In fact, it is referred to as “Asia’s World City” owing to the diversity of its people. To celebrate the different cultures, visit the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. English is enough to get by in Hong Kong. The Temple Street Night market is the place where you can buy antiques as you sample delicious cuisines. If you want to have your feet kneaded, Hong Kong massage parlors do some of the most relaxing foot massages. The city has a beautiful harbor and skyline. The nightlife is addictive and full of energy. For spectacular views of the city in all its glory, you must visit Victoria Peak. It is the highest point in the city.


Tokyo is one of the few places on earth where modernity and ancient tradition live in perfect harmony. Due to its technological advancements, Tokyo is a metropolis that boasts bullet trains and the latest, futuristic electronics. It is the home of popular Japanese anime and cosplay features. Culturally speaking Tokyo is well known for its traditional attire and ancient recipes. You can dine in fine restaurants that serve delicious fish, ramen, and yakitori. The largest fish market in the world, Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Tower, and Meiji Shrine are the top attraction spots in the sprawling city.


The capital city of Thailand is well known for its entertainment spots and vibrant culture. It is considered the party capital of Asia due to its raunchy nightlife. It is one of the most visited cities in Asia. If you happen to visit Bangkok, you have to visit The Floating Markets where they sell a wide variety of tasty dishes and tropic fruits. A guided boat tour around the place and a visit to Lupini Park are some of the activities you can partake.


Seoul is hardly mentioned amongst the top destinations in the world yet it has everything to like in a thriving City. It has amazing architecture, ubiquitous WiFi, great art displays, and trendy boutiques. It boasts a beautiful marriage between modernism and tradition which is evident in the skyscrapers that dot Seoul’s sky, overlooking the Buddhist temples and ancient buildings like Changdeokgung Palace (a World Heritage Site). The baths and spas around the city are a nice way to relax after a busy day.

Whether you are planning to make a brief stop or stay on, you will realize that Asian cities have something other continental capitals don’t; a beautiful fusion of tradition and technology. There is cultural diversity unseen in other parts of the world and the food is very tasty!

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