The 5 Best Women’s Travel Shoes

Most women who choose style over comfort when they are traveling usually don’t repeat their mistake twice. There is nothing worse (well there probably is but it doesn’t feel like it at the time) than having really sore feet, where every step is agony. You know what I mean, that feeling when you are trying to run through an airport, or dash for a train, while your feet are burning and you can feel the blisters forming. All for the sake of vanity.


Choose your travel shoes wisely

With a bit of careful thought in advance, however, it is possible to find comfortable shoes that also look good. This is the sensible and mature option. Let’s leave suffering for the sake of appearances to the fashionistas. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear shoes that make you look like Miss Marple. There are some very stylish alternatives to skyscraper heels, which are just as feminine and fashionable.



Sneakers are really in just now, with rolled up jeans. If they’re good enough for royalty they’re good enough for us! They come in a range of colors: from conservative white and navy to the bright a cheerful corals and multi colored mesh styles, that are in the major shoe stores just now. They are comfortable and fashionable and smart enough to wear while travelling, but also for sight seeing.

Travel sneakers


Alternatively, there are a wide range of sandals that are great for travelling in. Who doesn’t love wearing an espadrille with a floaty skirt? Or if you prefer a wedge heel these look good with skirts and dresses, as well as with shorts and cropped trousers. They make an ideal accompaniment to any outfit. And then there are the flat gladiator sandals if you prefer the roman goddess (or the centurion) look. They certainly keep your feet cool, although sometimes cause blisters if you walk too far in them. It depends on how tender your feet are.

Travel sandals

Ballet flats

Then there are ballet flats, which are a perennial and elegant favorite, although you have to be careful you get the right width fitting, otherwise, they can pinch. However, they complement most outfits and are a great addition to any travel wardrobe. They look equally good with a pair of shorts during the day and a floaty maxi dress in the evening.


Flip flops

Flip flops are a travel must. They are ideal for the beach and for walking around the pool. And, if the toe post is comfortable enough they are great for wearing when sight-seeing too, although not ideal for long distance or walking up hills. They fit easily into bags and cases, though, and are light enough not to affect the weight limit on your suitcase.

Travel flip flops


Then there are loafers another comfortable and stylish alternative. They are easy to walk in and look smart but casual with cropped pants, or shorts. I never think they look as good with skirts but it maybe depends on the individual. There are a few styles to choose from: the backless loafer where your heels are bare; the soft leather loafer with a tassle on the front, that is more casual; and the leather loafer with a buckle,
that is more formal.


So, there are plenty of options for smart, comfortable, fashionable shoes to choose from that won’t leave you hobbling round the streets looking for a pharmacy that sells flesh coloured sticking plaster. They never look good on the beach.



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