16 Most Beautiful Cities In Europe

It is no doubt that Europe is one of the most treasured places to tour or spend a living because of the many positive attributes associated with the place. There are various available cities with lovely architecture, cafés, castles, lifestyle, ruins, history, and many more. A traveler has to be careful since the magnificent experience that comes along some of Europe’s best cities may end up even a person reconsidering citizenship of the places they tour thus betraying is nationality. This article is going to focus on a brief outline of some of the most beautiful cities in Europe regardless of whether small or big as far as size is concerned. 

1. PARIS, France
The capital city of France covers an area of approximately 105.4 km square. This city is full of art, culture, and lifestyle history all through from generation to generation. The city even from the back as the 1950s are known to be a magnificent place to be and attracts masses of people from across the world.

2. COPENHAGEN, Denmark
One of the most beautiful places in Europe popularly along the coastal line. This place is endowed by well-designed houses and eye-catching environment perhaps making it one of the most photographed spot in Europe without talking of the streets, gardens, and Danish pastries.

3. DUBROVNIK, Croatia
One of the old town Croatia, the city is located along the coastline with limestone streets. The city has beautiful buildings and refreshed air coming from the surrounding water bodies. Dubrovnik is an astonishingly beautiful city that has has a surge of popularity in the recent years due to it being one of the main Game of Thrones filming location. There are also various available houses for sale in Croatia at Dubrovnik that are spacious and well-designed at affordable prices and they are often being sought of because of tourists and travelers increased market involvement.

4. FLORENCE, Italy
The city is famous because of the art at this destination not to forget to mention the museums and the overall great surroundings. The city is known due to it being the origin of the Renaissance period and well-endowed with different treasures.

5. MOSCOW, Russia
The capital city of Russian the region is well resource endowed and strategically positioned as the country’s political hub popularly known as the Red square.

6. BUDAPEST, Hungary
Among one of the best cities by the waterside. It is a very awesome experience exploring the chain bridge connecting Buda and Pest destinations.

7. PRAGUE, Czech Republic
This capital city is among the most known because of the appealing architecture, great markets as well as magnificent hilltop views.

8. ATHENS, Greece
Athens is known for the rich history of art and stonework backdated 400 BC. The ruins provide a clear glimpse of the ancient lifestyle and the history of Acropolis. The mountains and hills available usually provide a clear elevation of the city.

Full of welcoming parks, great streets and markets, and eye-catching waterfront Barcelona is a place to visit over and over again. Combined with the accommodative Catalans culture and lifestyle you can’t resist this place being attractive for travel and tour destinations.

10. BRUGES, Belgium
A charming city surrounded by beautiful waters connected by a bridge. Bruges is an amazing place to tour because of the great architecture combined with accommodative Belgium cultures.

11. ROME, Italy
Rome is known for its great architecture and design as it combines ancient and modern monuments. It is a place that presents the Protestant culture as far as religion is concerned. Talk of lifestyle where the delicacies available are good and the varieties of wine brands.

12. ISTANBUL, Turkey
The architecture of this capital is charming. Talk about the domes, minarets, colored mosaics, and Islamic calligraphy. The city also offers a refreshed environment with magnificent structures such as the Blue Mosque.

13. NUREMBERG, Germany
Formally known as the capital of the Roman Empire today the city is known for having the best museums, castle, and christkindlesmarkt.

14. PORTO, Portugal
Porto is known for well- designed architecture and public art. The city also has cool rich beaches that inspired the actions of various film series such as Harry Potter.

15. AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
The city is known for the presence of many canals that are awesome to see. Nevertheless, the city also has appealing art, cafes, food, and history.

16. SARAJEVO, Bosnia, and Herzegovina
It is a modern cultural hub despite the city being the center of war about 20 years ago. The city is now known as one of the most religious spots in Europe as far as the Catholic Church, Synagogue and Orthodox are concerned.
From the above precise description, it can be seen that various available cities in Europe offer a great experience for travel and tour. With increased globalization, it is easy to travel and explore the global village.